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Our extensive customisation capability allows us to serve various types of businesses from all industries. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, in manufacturing or medical, you can count on HR2eazy to manage your workforce.

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HR2eazy’s extensive customization capabilities allows our system to cater to ALL. Select your industry and learn how our system can help your organization by increasing efficiency, reduce costs and save time.

Readily Available Integrated Workflows

Run your general HR and Payroll, succession planning, manpower planning workflow and asset management procedures using our ready-made integrated workflows.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Business. Select, Onboard, Customise.

Choose HR2eazy for customisable, streamlined HR solutions, empowering your organisation with efficiency, innovation, and seamless workforce management capabalities. Success awaits.

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Streamlining with Key Features Succeed.

Simplifying HR tasks with essential features, streamlining workflows for efficient workforce management

Employee Self Service(ESS)

Grant your employees control over their data. Easily access personal information and seamlessly submit requests for leave, permissions, overtime, and more.

  • Personal Information Management
  • Real-time Information Updates
  • Directly apply for leave, permissions & overtime
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What Our Client Say About Us

The software is relatively easy to use, has great customer support, with a very reasonable price tag. Does all the tricky calculations at the touch of a button.

Abdul Rahman Bin Mohd Nordin

Human Capital Department - PERNAS

In line with HR digitization in Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PERNAS), the HR2Eazy system has helped simplify daily work with a system that covers all HR functions. Moreover, as compared to the system used by PERNAS before, HR2Eazy has its advantages where it can be accessed mobile anywhere at any time, and the support group very responsive! Please do not forget, the interface of the HR2Eazy system is very eye-catching and user-friendly!.

Mr Saiful Yusri


HR2eazy system is flexible and client-orientated, the function not only focus for payroll but also others spectrum of HR like recruitment, ESS, training, KPI and appraisal and others productivity tools. We have over 1500++ headcount and is manageable only by 2 payroll executives and helped reduced the time we spend doing payroll by simplifying the information is required and enabled us to delegate most of the process. The technical team always step forward, reliably and prompt accommodated every technical error and others inquiry. The most interesting part, they can customize the system based on client special requirement with the minimum cost and is worth it.



HR2eazy System is kind of a very flexible system that could customise based on client needs. All the modules are not just focus on payroll processing but also others element in Human Resources area such as recruitment, e-leave, e-claim and so on. It is also have benefit that while if there any new feature being update it will reflected to all client instead of to the request client only.



I’ve been using HR2eazy for the past one year and it has been the most resourceful HR & Payroll system. The way it is designed makes it easier for my employees to access all the required information without any hassle. I’m really pleased with its functionalities and expecting a greater productivity in the years to come.

Shanusha Kanan


HR2eazy has helped to digitize our company HR through cloud with a reasonable price. The best part of this system is it covers almost all HR functions and the mobile app is included in their package and employees are able to access to the system faster at anytime and anywhere. Their support is also almost 24/7.



In my previous concern, I used to wonder is there any easier yet optimized way to manage Payroll operations? Now, with our HR2eazy’s HR and Payroll software, the payroll processing has become handy and I could manage multiple operations with absolute integrity.

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