Everything you need to Manage Staff Attendance

With HR2eazy's Attendance Management System

Streamline your attendance management processes withh precision and ease, ensuring compliance and efficiency across your organisation. Effortlessly manage, track and optimise your staff attendance. Talk to us if you would like to manage your staff attendance more efficiently.

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Multiple Attendance Device Synchronize

  • HR2eazy system can synchronize with multiple attendance device as biometric and mobile sign in to track employee’s attendance
  • Able to export employee’s clock in and clock out reports from biometric or proximity card. Helps HR to track back employees serving time at work place.
  • With Mobile Sign In and Face Recognition App it will captured employees login location, Geo Fencing.

Quick Attendance Notification

  • HR will receive attendance report in daily basis and it is directly sync to the payroll module to calculate employee’s salary
  • Easy to identifyabsence

Customizable Attendance Module

  • HR2eazy attendance module can be customized according to each industry
  • It is super easy to calculate employees over time, commission & etc
  • HR2eazy system allows companies to follow their culture in each and every single department

Easy Roster Scheduling

  • easy to manage multiple shift patterns and overlaps
  • calculating and monitoring absence.
  • managers easily to identify regarding overtime, rest days, minor hours worked, and other constraints.
  • Having HR2eazy in an organizations help across all industries save money and improve their operations.


Easily Track & Get Complete control of your employee's attendance

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