Discover HR2eazy's Journey. Embracing Innovation, Integrity, and Excellence Every Step of the Way Since 2016.

HR2eazy is an award winning HR and Payroll Software trusted by more 1,000 companies all over Malaysia. Established in 2016, HR2eazy is a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS) that provides various digital solutions including KPI Management, Payroll Management, Timesheet Management and more. The single platform can be accessed through multiple devices such as desktop, mobile and kiosks.

HR2eazy is designed by software experts who are well known for meeting the clients’ needs. We have a dedicated team that provides 5/8 support via phone, remote and skype. We believe that providing complete training on the system will relief clients and increase work effieciency in the long run.


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Sales Manager

Hello, I'm Vinodh, the Sales Manager at HR2Eazy. My role revolves around leading the sales and partnerships department, driving revenue growth, and enhancing our brand presence. I prioritize building strong client relationships, consistently surpassing sales targets, and securing strategic partnerships with industry leaders. I take pride in the launch of HR2Eazy and the generation of substantial revenue. Moreover, fostering a high-performing sales team has always been my focus, ensuring their success and professional growth. With my experience and expertise, I am devoted to delivering exceptional results for our clients and driving HR2Eazy's continued success.


Sales Team Lead

Hey there, I'm Eleeza, a dedicated Senior Sales Executive at HR2Eazy with a wealth of experience spanning five years. I specialize in handling large clients with extensive staff requirements. By leveraging my exceptional relationship management skills and deep understanding of client needs, I have successfully streamlined HR processes for numerous companies. I've played a pivotal role in the growth of HR2Eazy, bringing in multiple new clients and expanding our reach and impact. My expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results make me an invaluable asset to the team. Let's connect today and explore how HR2Eazy can transform your HR operations. Thank you for considering HR2Eazy!


Sales Executive

Hey there, I'm Theeban, a Sales Executive at HR2Eazy. As an expert in cloud-based Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), I'm here to help you conquer your HR and payroll challenges. At HR2Eazy, we offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, including Attendance Management, Leave Management, KPI Management, Payroll Management, and more. With our payroll outsourcing services, we ensure a hassle-free experience for your company. Let's connect and have a chat about how we can empower your HR processes. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Thank you, and have a fantastic day!