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  • 1ASNB Text File Upload

1. You can now directly contribute to individual ASNB accounts on behalf of your employees!

  • 2 Merchantrade Text File Upload

1. You can now directly disburse staff salaries to their Merchantrade E-Wallet Accounts

  • 3 Company Event Image Attachment

1. You can now attach images when you blast your company event details in HR2eazy

  • 4 Mobile App Pety Cash Management

1. Petty cash can now be managed via your mobile app.

  • 5 HR Reminders

1. We created "HR Reminder" to keep you on your toes for important expiry dates and deadlines such as for VISA application, employment contracts and more!


  • 1 Manpower Planning

1. Create new position

2. Approval for position

3. Move position to recruitment

  • 2 Recruitment

1. Posting & Info approval

2. Interview & Selection

3. Move selected candidates to user Management module

  • 3 User Management

1. Create New User

2. Assign Roles, Privileges and Reporting To

  • 4 On Boarding

1. Assign on boarding trainings

2. Monition process progress and completion


  • 1 Succession Planning

1. Identify critical roles

2. Identify role success factors

3. Identify successors

4. Analysis of successors

  • 2 Training Need Analysis

1. Auto generate training needs based on succession planning

  • 3 Training

1. Quarterly/Yearly Assessments

  • 4 Assessment

1. Quarterly/Yearly Assessments

  • 5 Yearly Review

1. Yearly Reviews of Succession Planning


  • 1 Inventory Management

1. Create inventories

2. Set inventory as vehicle

  • 2 License Management

1. Update vehicle details

2. Puspakom, Insurance and Road Tax details

  • 3 Booking System

1. Book Vehicles

  • 4 Reminders

1. Set reminders for Puspakom, Road Tax and Insurance

Employee Directory

  • Store employee contact details by name, role, designation or department
  • Retrieve employee contact information fast.

Emergency Contacts

  • Store emergency contacts that can be viewed by all employees

Useful Links

  • Store useful links that can be viewed by all employees

Corporate Message

  • Post and share messages or announcements (in text and picture mode) that can be viewed by all employees

Corporate Locations

  • List down all company offices, branches, shops, outlets and more.
  • Add details of each location such as address and coordinates

Tax Information

  • Store tax-related forms or documents that can be viewed by all employees, such as tax brackets, policies and more.

Refer-a- friend

  • All employees can refer a friend, family or former colleague through system
  • Upload resumes or CVs that will be brought forward to the respective PIC.


  • Built-in unit converter for measurements such as length, temperature and more


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