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HR2eazy have extensive Overtime functionality to cater to different industries and Business Processes. The available overtime modules are :-

ESS Overtime

  • Employee can apply overtime on their own via Mobile Apps or Portal. A workflow will be triggered as per set configurations.

Pre and Post Overtime Planning

  • This is crucial modules for Manufacturing,Plantation and other industries where a large number of employee’s overtime need to be planned and manager systematically.

Attendance Based Overtime

  • HR2eazy can be integrated with Attendance system and the Overtime can be automatically calculated from the Attendance. HR will be able to modify all entries and be able to see the calculations and modify anytime. A powerful module for factory-based operations.

Overtime Import Via Excel

  • If HR required to extract the data from another system or Overtime are handled manually, we can still import the data via Excel format and the Overtime calculation and process can be done in HR2eazy.

HR Entry of Overtime on Behalf of Employee

  • HR can still anytime apply Overtime on Behalf of Employee. System can be configured to either Auto Approve or still need to follow the Set workflows.


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