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Have you ever considered that the information provided by candidates on resumes, cover letters, or supporting documents could be partially or completely false? In today’s economy where jobs are scarce and applicants are in abundance, there is a high tendency for candidates to lie, exaggerate or even hide crucial information from employers so that they can get a higher chance of landing their dream job.

This is why HR2eazy offers Background Screening services which can fill this gap and ensure that you know your shortlisted candidates inside-out. Screenings that we conduct include education and employment background checks, reference checks, bankruptcy verifications and more.


  • Candidates must give consent to HR2easy prior to screening procedures.
  • Candidates must fill-up and submit a personal information form.
  • Confirmation of past addresses, personal and professional reference checks.
  • Criminal record checks, bankruptcy checks, behaviour assessments, drug screens and more.
  • HR2eazy compiles all the related information and submit details to the employer.
  • Company makes the decision to hire the candidate or not.


Employer’s Trust in Us
  • We have many years of experience as a Human Resource Management System solutions provider and have earned the trust of many employers to run their Human Resource Department.
Employer’s Trust in Employees
  • There is an established and increased level of trust between employers and employees once the background screens and verifications have been conducted.
Legal obligation to protect
  • Your company will not need to worry about any legal issues pertaining to the shortlisted candidate.
Avoid negligence hiring
  • Negligence hiring can put your company in a lot trouble, which will prove to be costly in the future. Having a trusted company conduct background screenings on your behalf can mitigate this and ensure the process runs smoothly.

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