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We're a HR software company, of course we have HR experts and provide HR Consultancy Services from a combined experience of over 50 years in the field. Talk to us if you think you need to improve your HR processes, company policies and more.

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HR2eazy offers professional consultation and advisory services to its members through its pool of experts in the various fields. The services include consultancy and project management for the organizations and provide reliable and effective solutions to organizations to develop and enhance their human resource management practices and capabilities. By virtue of its accessibility to a vast talent pool of expertise in the various functional areas of human resource management, HR2eazy stands out for its ability to provide advice and consultancy on HR matters. Projects can be taken up on a consultancy or retainer basis and our rates are extremely affordable.

Our panel of experts have a collective wealth of experience having served in diverse industries with wide exposures in their respective domains with first-hand knowledge of the HR best practices among the leading organizations across the globe. Our panel is well equipped to provide comprehensive advice & consultation to organizations as well as individuals according to their needs and budget.


  • The most important factor which every company holds on is their mission and goals which need to be fulfilled based on the mission. With that in mind, we filter out the roles and responsibilities of every role and their function in teams. We then analyze the performances of every candidate and test their skills on the required criteria and give necessary training to them if they lack in few areas by making decisions with the managers.


    HR2Eazy will carry out consultancy projects in any of the following areas:-

  • Employment Contract Documentation
  • Performance Management
  • Salary Structure Review & Management
  • Retrenchment & Downsizing
  • HR System Consulting
  • Other Project Work of HR/IR
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Downsizing and Retrenchment
  • Termination and Dismissal Advice
  • Domestic Inquiry Panel Services


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HR consultants offer professional HR consultation services and even sometimes handle the complete process of roles like recruitment, Business research, organization Management, workplace management, Capital Management, and many more.
Hiring a full-time HR to take over the complete company process can be very costly and time-consuming because you have to hire an experienced HR for handling the complete HR workload for your organization. Else it will affect your company's structure and may result in errors and unwanted fines. But an HR consultant will take care of the complete process at a very affordable rate.
Hiring an HR consultant can effectively improve your company's growth and gives you more time on handling the work which matters most. And also, companies have to keep updated with the latest federal and state laws related to workforce engagement, outsourcing to an HR consultant can be very useful.
Our HR2eazy HR consultant experts are always available via phone, email, or live chat. Feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions.


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