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HR2eazy provides with every HR consulting services so that every process moves in a streamlined manner. From recruitment to retirement, every process is very rigid so that there is no place for errors.


Recruitment Management

The most important factor which every company holds on is their mission and goals which need to be fulfilled based on the mission. With that in mind, we filter out the roles and responsibilities of every role and their function in teams. We then analyze the performances of every candidate and test their skills on the required criteria and give necessary training to them if they lack in few areas by making decisions with the managers.

Salary Negotiation

The main purpose of starting a company is to make business and maintain the cash flow throughout the company which also includes the employees’ who needs to be paid for their work. We create the best strategies so that every individual gets their share and make constant changes along with the fluctuating value of money. The best compensation rates would be given to every working employee of the company and reduce the time for deployment. With the survey data, the best compensation can be awarded to the employees.

User Documentation

After the candidate gets selected after the interview process, we help you in onboarding the employee. The documentation process should be very accurate so that there is no mismatch of files in the organization leading to confusion. We help you organize every detail about the employee like their previous experience certificates, their certifications, bank related documents, address proofs, fingerprints and many more so that you always have their information in hand and being well informed of their competencies.

Employee Engagement

The work culture of every organization is to be maintained because it helps the employees to be engaged from the moment they enter into the organization. We help you sequence your meetings, events and many more which builds a good collaboration between your employees by letting them come with the best plan to complete the given assignments. If the employees are given more engagement, your business goals can be reached with the right motivation.

Optimum Strategies

We analyze the business operation of every client and bring out the best strategies for them to implement, by giving highly customized procedures bearing in mind on the needs to maintain constant business efficiently. This gives the HR team to concentrate on more business making. Since technology changes, so do the strategy. By analyzing this too, we create newer from time to time and guide you to utilize the best approach to stand against the competition.

HR Audit

An HR has to audit the value of the company. We help you to assess the advantages based on the performance of employees’ who are organization compliant, a complete analysis of the salary trend, KPI Management and many more to check whether the goals are being accomplished one by one. With this data in hand, any company can improve their revenue by increasing the productivity.

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