Employee Self Service


Employee Self Service (ESS)– Module

Our ESS module is extremely user- friendly and one shore solution for all the employees. Now, employees themselves can access their ESS Module to view and verify information that updated by Human Resource (HR) Personnel.

ESS for Employee
  • Apply Personal Information
  • Apply Leave
  • Apply Petty Cash
  • Apply Travel
  • Password protected Payslip Viewing
  • Apply Overtime
  • Work Schedule Management
  • Download Tax Forms
  • View KPI Records
  • View Company Announcements
ESS For Managers & HR
  • Immediate notification on apply leave, petty cash, travel &etc
  • Approve/Reject of apply leave, petty cash request, travel request &etc
  • Manage work schedule & attendance
  • Manage transaction details
  • Manage transaction details
  • Password Protected Payslip Viewing
  • Manage new joiners on boarding process

With HR2eazy’s, ESS Management Modulea company can boost their employees empowerment. Not only that its saves hours and increase company’s productivity. ESS is now making it easier for employees to be heard directly by the relevant departments.

BEST employee self service Software

Extremely user - friendly ess system in Malaysia

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