Ess Information System

The HR2eazy software is entirely independent like yourself. The employee self service Malaysia assists the organizations to diminish human effort or HR costs and enhance efficiency. Besides, they draw in and also hold talented, qualified representatives. The ESS mechanizes manual HR capacities, such as applying leave, extra time, permissions, salary advance, petty cash requests, applying for travel, user relief entry and leave reimbursement.

This would be helpful for a diverse workforce of an organization. Take for instance a construction company which has site workers to start with and engineers standing in the last of the workforce, everyone would have different work cultures and would have been assigned to different employees’. To make this suitable for every employee of the organization, this would be very helpful since there is no need for an HR to respond to various tasks.

The ESS Information System can be opened and used anywhere since we know your employees’ time values us the most. Instead of employers doing the work, employees’ can complete the given task and is sent for approval or rejection to the administrator. Self-service tools and add-ons give more power to team administrators so they can turn elements on and off as needed.


Stay Online Always

With a stable network, stay connected always on your phone or laptop to mark your attendance, see total working hours of employees’, get an in-depth analysis of performances of day and week. Also, you can get a detailed analysis of total hours worked overtime and use pre-loaded analytics to analyze the total production of your organization.

Make natural claims, payments and Approve/Reject

Receive automatic claims and e-mail notifications about the same. Reimburse your employees anytime and also be able to view documents regarding the same. Have total control over approving or rejecting proposals of employees’ who have applied for leave, petty cash, etc.


Controlled Workflow, Training and KPI

Make sure to appoint who needs to give training to subordinates and have a complete notice of calendars for working out the time required for training employees’. HR2eazy allows you to set goals for your targets and also allows you to work around them. Also, have access to KPI to make sure the progress and be aware of your best performances of your employees.

By using our self-service tools, be able to reduce human interactions and also errors which might cause dearly to the company.

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