Travel Management System

Travel expenses account for a significant portion of investment for the company since every company needs to travel to new places to be aware of the trends and their competitors. Every Ringgit is monitored in our software since we know regular cash flow is the foundation for every successful organization by utilizing the best travel management software.

Here you can allocate money for each travel, also make a single travel request for each journey. When it comes to travel management system, choose from a wide range of segments like choosing your accommodation type, book the mode of transport, choose the location of your travel and claim the leftover money for other purposes in the residual type section, in short we handle all your business travel management effectively.


Mileage Setting

Some employees’ have to travel to and fro to different destinations. Mark their mileage on a daily and a monthly basis for efficient usage of travel cash and avoid fraudulent usage of fuel by your subordinates.

One Shot Travel Setting

To initiate a one-time travel operation, mark down the role in which the employee has to do with the company

and also select the location needed for the travel. By choosing the place, you can also change the currency required for different countries for fast money transfer through exchanges.

Accommodation Type

Here you can select the accommodation type required by your employees’ like hotels, guest houses or using various travel portals that are available on the internet.

Travel Location and Travel Mode

Choose from a wide range of locations for business travel and also be able to choose your mode of travel. By saving all this data, you would have total access to all the information required for traveling purposes for your company.

There are many travel administrators utilizing group travel administration software, who don't get the coveted usefulness and need to transform it. By using HR2eazy, deal with all your travel needs. They're not mindful this could be a considerable drawback once endeavoring to remain up with their rivals.

The product you are right now utilizing may not be innovatively refreshed, and this is the motivation behind why you would perhaps be feeling the loss of some essential choices that are given by the most up to date innovation. It's a huge issue that your product provider needs to recognize and support you with.

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