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We offer a number of readily availabe training courses, and we can develop and customise training courses to meet your needs.

Empowering your Professional Journey

Welcome to HR2eazy's Training Hub – your gateway to unlocking new horizons of knowledge and expertise. In today's fast-paced business landscape, continuous learning is not just an option, but a necessity. Our Training Hub is designed to cater to your learning needs, whether you're looking to master our system, explore new skills, or engage in specialized training in the field of HR and Payroll.

System Training

Complementary comprehensive training sessions designed to help you breeze through HR and Payroll tasks with HR2eazy’s system, exclusively for clients.

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Public Training

Broaden your HR and Payroll knowledge, gain valuable insights and open doors to new possibilities with our complementary F2F courses conducted in Bangsar South.

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HRD Corp Claimable Training

Invest in your professional development with our HRD Corp - approved courses and let’s deep-dive into the technology behind running an efficient HR and Payroll process.

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Why Train with HR2eazy?

We have a HR and Payroll Management System !

We have an entire system that can automate your HR and Payroll Processes from start to finish. Without a doubt, we are masters of our own system, and we are masters in the processes that are involved in our system. So trust us when we say that we know our stuff.


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