We conduct group and private training sessions on how to efficiently use HR2eazy.

System Trainings(for clients only)

Welcome to HR2eazy’s client system training page. We’ll be honest, our system is not the easiest to navigate through. It is large, highly comprehensive and has lots of settings which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. All these qualities necessitates a complex system.

Hence, we’ve designed complementary training sessions for relevant client representatives (preferably system administrators) to join! Together, we can master and make the most of the HR2eazy system, utilizing as many modules and tools and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Group Sessions

Group Training sessions are conducted online through our training portal. You can view the schedule and register for sessions through the training portal. Sessions are usually conducted on Wednesdays, covering one system module at a time.

Private Sessions

Need extra help with navigating through our system? Contact us directly to arrange a special one-on-one training session. Virtual exclusive sessions are complementary while physical sessions are complementary for the first session, and chargeable for the subsequent sessions.

Training by System Modules

HR Management Modules Performance Management Modules Performance Management Modules Business and Productivity Tools
User Management Training Management Payroll Management Inventory Management
Recruitment Management Self Learning Overtime Planning Survey Management
Leave Management Succession Planning Manpower Planning Booking Management
Attendance Management KPI management Claim Management CRM
Roster Management Petty Cash Management License & Rod Tax
Travel Management Accounting System Work Permit Management
Exit Process Visitor Management
Helpdesk Management

The modules in HR2eazy are categorized into 4 main functions – HR Management, Performance Management, Financial management and Business & Productivity Tools. Each training session typically covers one module or an entire integrated workflow, which comprises of a few modules.

HR2eazy’s Training Portal

  • To help clients further in getting used to our system, HR2eazy has developed a training portal where clients can find unlimited resources including comprehensive manuals and insightful video tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance on various aspects of the system. Clients may also use the Training Portal to register for group sessions. Training sessions will be posted on the calendar, and clients may directly click on it if they wish to register.


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