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When you Outsource to HR2eazy's Payroll Services

From data collection to reconciliation, salary disbursement to statutory compliances, HR2eazy covers all the tasks involved in payroll. Talk to us if you would HR2eazy to manage your payroll from A to Z efficiently

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Payroll is a very crucial parts of any businesses. Payroll requirements are getting more complex where by new rules and regulations are constantly introduced. This requires constant updates on processes, calculations and documentations. We can help you with this crucial task by providing an outsourcing package which is specifically customized to your needs. You can focus on your core business and let us handle this tideous back office tasks.

With HR2eazy

  • Data is processed using secured system. You and staff will have access to the system.
  • Your payroll managed by Trained Payroll Professional
  • Ensure compliance to relevant authorities requirements
  • Password protected PDF format of Payslip and EA Form can be downloaded by employee using Mobile Apps or Portal

Why Outsource to HR2eazy

Cost effectiveness

  • Reduced your overhead cost by outsourcing to an Experience and Digital Driven partner like HR2eazy.


  • HR2eazy streamline and automate the payroll process and offers World-Class user-friendly Apps that provide additional function like Leave, Claim, Overtime and many more. Thus, enriching the employee's experience and keeping morale high.

Focus on core operations

  • Your HR and Finance people will be much free to focus on core business activities and not tied down to a complex and non-core activities. HR2eazy process and system assist your HR and Finance by integrating to your attendance system, Finance system and etc. to ensure automated data transfer and processing.


  • HR2eazy has built infrastructure and processes that ensure information is secure and released only to the right people at the right time.


We have the answers.

Payroll Outsourcing is when a company or organization hires an external party to perform its payroll-related duties on the company’s behalf. The external party can be an individual or a company with a specialized system for processing payroll.
Payroll outsourcing service providers usually cover every step of the payroll process, including data collection, payroll calculation, ledgers payroll reports, salary disbursement statutory and other reports, and more. Each payroll outsourcing service provider may have varying and unique features that can add value to the clients’ payroll process.
A company that outsources its payroll can reduce its direct costs by eliminating the need for payroll executives and other related staff. The trouble of having to conduct the payroll process has been transferred to a party who is trained and skilled in this area, thus saving a lot of time, money and energy.
When you subscribe to HR2eazy’s Payroll Outsourcing services, each employee that has taken up the service will be given an account that can access HR2eazy’s all-in-one HR and Payroll Management System, where employees can apply for leaves and claims, download payslips, and more, on top of having your salary banked into your accounts without lifting a finger!


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