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How to Apply for a HRD Corp Grant and Submit Claims \ for HRD Corp Claimable Courses

Investing in employee training and development is crucial for organizational growth and sustainability. The Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) in Malaysia provides an excellent opportunity for companies to upskill or retrain their workforce through various grants and financial support schemes. Employers must take advantage of this initiative and maximise the benefits offered by HRD Corp.

In this blog post, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply for a HRD Corp grant to pay for the HRD Corp Claimable Course fee, and submit a claim for your employee expenses such as daily allowance, transport, accommodation and more. Read on to learn how to leverage HRD Corp funds to boost your company’s growth and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


The application process of applying for HRD Corp (Human Resource Development Corporation) funds for HRD Corp Claimable Trainings can be broken down into three parts.


Documents Required:


Trainer Schedule/Course Content

Trainer Profile


no action/documents required by employer in this stage


Documents Required:

Itinerary (airfare) – if any

Receipt & Invoice (Transportation) – if any

The entire process is done through the HRD Corp System known as e-TRIS , a platform where registered HRD Corp Employers can:

  • Apply for grants;
  • Pay monthly levy;
  • Check levy balance
  • Submit claims;
  • Update employer information; and more.

Having an e-TRIS account is a MUST for all registered HRD Corp Employers. Upon applying as a HRD Corp Registered Employer, HRD Corp would send an approval email followed by the login details for the employer’s newly created e-TRIS Account.

Application Prerequisites

Before making the application, an employer must go through the following steps to ensure compliance and success of the application.

1, Eligibility Check

Ensure your company is registered with HRD Corp. If your company is not registered with HRD Corp, click here to learn how to register as a HRD Corp Employer. If you are registered with HRD Corp, confirm that your company has sufficient levy balance in your HRD Corp account to proceed with the trainings. You can check through your employer HRD Corp e-TRIS system.

2, Identify Employer Training Needs.

As a HR or Business owner, assess your employees. Evaluate their performance, progress, productivity and identify gaps that can be filled through certified, professional training. Determine the training program required, and that the program is listed under HRD Corp’s approved training programs list.

3, Select a HRD Corp-registered training provider.

Once you have determined the training required for your staff, engage with an HRD Corp-registered training that provides the required training, and enquire about the course. Once you have confirmed the selection of a specific course, request for an invoice or quotation from the training provider. Ensure that the training provider is a certified HRD Corp Training Provider, and that the training offered meets your needs.

Application Process with HRD Corp e-TRIS System

Assuming you are a registered HRD Corp Employer, and that you have adequate balance to meet the fee quoted,

1, Apply for the HRD Corp Grant

The grant application process through e-TRIS can be confusing, which is why HRD Corp was kind enough to come up with a detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the eTRIS to apply for a HRD Corp training grant.

To Summarise the Grant Application Part,

  • Fill in the required details about the training program and participants.
  • Attach necessary documents such as the training proposal, schedule, and cost breakdown.
  • Submit the application for approval.

2, Approval by HRD Corp

As an employer, there’s nothing you can do at this stage other than to wait for the application result. Assuming that all the documents submitted are complete, and no issues arise, HRD Corp should evaluate HRD Corp training grant applications within 48 hours. Employers may check the status of the application through the e-TRIS system. Ensure that the training does NOT start until the grant has been officially approved by HRD Corp.

3, Submitting Claims for other Expenses

This stage comes after your training. As an employer, although you do not have to fork-out any money for the course fee, you still need to provide some allowance for the staff, or trainees during the course of the training. To do this, you can follow this guide by HRD Corp.

Note that you will need to have the following supporting documents for your claims.

Transportation charges Official Receipt & Tax Invoice
Flight Ticket Receipt & Invoice / e-ticket
Trainee Daily Allowances Trainer / Trainee Meal Allowances Attendance T3 Form same with Training Provider
Hotel Rental Package / Rental of Training Place Official Receipt & Tax Invoice (if requested)
Trainer Daily Allowances No Document Required
Consumable Training Materials

HRD Corp may request for any other relevant documents for verification/ confirmation purposes

Notes on Claim Submission

- Submission of claims will be reviewed and checked within 4 working days

- Letter of approval will be sent to employers via email after the claims have been approved

Important Tips for your Next HRD Corp Training Journey

  • Timeliness: Ensure all applications and claims are submitted within the stipulated timelines to avoid any issues.
  • Accuracy: Double-check all information and documentation for accuracy to prevent delays.
  • Compliance: Follow HRD Corp guidelines and procedures strictly to ensure smooth processing.
  • Contact HRD Corp if you encounter any issues or need assistance, you can contact HRD Corp through:
  • - Website: [HRD Corp](

    - Helpdesk: Available on the HRD Corp website.

    - Phone: Contact numbers are provided on the HRD Corp website for direct support.

By following these steps and the guides shared above, you can efficiently apply for HRD Corp grants and submit claims for training funds. Make sure to keep all communication records and documents well-organized for easy reference and compliance.

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