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Exploring EPF Account 3: Everything You Should Know About the Latest Akaun Fleksibel

EPF’s new Account 3 is now live, revolutionizing how Malaysians manage their retirement savings. Everyone is talking about it, so here's what you need to know to catch up or stay ahead!

Understanding the EPF Contribution Split: What Are the Changes?

EPF's implementation of Account 3 only considers workers below the age of 55. Individuals above the age of 55 would see no change. At the age of 55, Accounts 1 and 2, Akaun Persaraan and Akaun Sejahtera, would consolidate into one account called Akaun 55. Contributors above the age of 55 would contribute into Akaun Emas, which can only be accessed at age 60.

The new account names are:

- Akaun Persaraan (Account 1): For retirement savings.
- Akaun Sejahtera (Account 2): For life cycle needs.
- Akaun Fleksibel (Account 3): For short-term financial requirements.

New Contribution Split (from May 11, 2024):

- 75% to Account 1 (previously 70%)
- 15% to Account 2 (previously 30%)
- 10% to Account 3 (new)

What Will Happen to My Current EPF Accounts?

There would be no changes to your existing savings. Account 3 will start with RM0, but you can transfer funds from Account 2 to Account 3 between May 12 and August 31, 2024. This transfer is a one-time, irreversible action. For more information on how to perform the one-time transfer, please see here.

Will the New Account Structure Affect My EPF Dividends?

Your EPF distributions will not be immediately affected. Dividends will still be determined using the aggregate performance of EPF investments.


The introduction of EPF Account 3 marks a significant milestone in Malaysia's financial landscape. This new structure provides flexibility for short-term needs while safeguarding long-term goals. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the intricacies of EPF Account 3 in our upcoming content.

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