Assets Management Software & Assets Tracking System

Take control of your organization's assets like never before with HR2eazy's integrated Assets Management solution.

Optimize assets utilization and maximize productivity with our cutting-edge HRMS software.

HR2eazy's Streamlined Assets Management Solution
  • Assets Management is a critical aspect of any organization's success, and HR2eazy's integrated solution simplifies the process, empowering you to manage your assets effortlessly. From inventory management to license tracking and booking systems, our advanced HRMS software streamlines every aspect of assets management, ensuring your assets are optimized and ready to drive success.
Benefits of Using our HR2eazy Assets Management Module
  • At HR2eazy, we understand the importance of assets control and efficiency. With our Assets Management module, you can:
  • Centralized Inventory Management - Easily create and manage inventories with real-time updates and tracking, ensuring complete visibility and control.
  • Vehicle Management Made Simple - Seamlessly manage your fleet by setting inventories as vehicles, with all details organized and readily accessible.
  • License Tracking - Stay on top of essential vehicle details by updating information for licenses, Puspakom, insurance, and road tax with ease.
  • Efficient Booking System - Simplify vehicle booking and reservation, streamlining the process for a smooth user experience.
  • Timely Reminders - Set reminders for critical dates, such as Puspakom checks, road tax renewals, and insurance updates, ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.
Inventory Management
  • Create Inventories : Effortlessly create and manage inventories with detailed information and status updates.
  • Set Inventory as Vehicle : Seamlessly designate specific inventories as vehicles, streamlining vehicle management.
License Management
  • Update Vehicle Details : Keep vehicle information up-to-date, including licenses, insurance, and road tax details.
  • Puspakom, Insurance, and Road Tax Details : Effortlessly track and manage essential vehicle documentation.
Booking System
  • Book Vehicles : Simplify the vehicle booking process for users, ensuring efficient resource allocation.
  • Set Reminders : Set timely reminders for Puspakom checks, road tax renewals, and insurance updates to stay compliant.

With HR2eazy's Assets Management module, take charge of your assets, optimize resource utilization, and drive productivity to new heights.


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