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HR2eazy does not only focus on HR Management. We provide financial, employee performance and business productivity management modules that ensure you are equipped with the right tools to run your business efficiently.

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HR and Manager Dashboards and Reports

Comprehensive yet Easy-to-Understand Dashboards, Reports and Analytics to Keep Superiors Informed

  • 25 Dynamic, real-time dashboards offering a wide overview of data such as number of sick leaves, employee retention rate and more allowing informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Our system flexibility offers tailored and customisable reports to meet your specific needs, as well as 105 existing ready-made reports for your use
  • Experience clear and concise streamlined data visualisation that simplifies complex information, providing user-friendly interface for HR and managers to effortlessly interpret and act upon critical insights

Mobile Approvals

All Approval Actions in one Page for Superiors

  • Approve all subordinate requests such as leave, claims, overtime, attendance and more in a single webpage
  • Get notified in real-time and approve your requests anytime, anywhere, on the go
  • Our workflow provides up to 3 levels of workflows

Social Pages

A Social Page Makes the System Fun for all Employees

  • Get notified of your colleague's work anniversary, birthdays, or any other special occasions.
  • Stay informed on the public holidays (that your company observes), company events and view corporate messages.
  • Display your organisation structure on HR2eazy's social pages for employees to see.

Notifications and Reminders

Stay Informed and On Track with Notifications and Reminders

  • Receive real-time notifications and instant alerts for important events, such as pending tasks, upcoming deadlines, employee requests and more.
  • Set unlimited, customisable reminders and notifications for tasks, meetings, and deadlines.
  • Facilitate seamless communication within your organization by sending automated reminders and notifications to relevant stakeholders, fostering collaboration and accountability.

Flexible Attendance Sign-In

Your Attendance Through Various Methods!

    Offline Sign-In:

  • No Wifi? No internet? No problem! We understand that some areas have limited internet coverage, hence that's why we provide the option of "offline" sign-in, tracking your attendance whereever you are.
  • Sign-In On Behalf:

  • As a supervisor, you can "tick" your staff's attendance and sign-in on their behalf, without giving them the option to sign-in on their own.
  • Request Sign-in Attendance

  • Did your staff forget to sign-in? Simply request attendance, insert the time and get your manager to approve it.

Multilingual System

Set HR2eazy's Language to One you Prefer!

  • HR2eazy's system supports a number of languages such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarim, Tamil and more.

Booking system

With HR2eazy's innovative Booking Manageent System, say goodbye to the chaos and inefficiency. Simplify, automate your booking workflow and optimise your office resource allocation.

For more in-depth details on our booking system, click here

work permit

HR2eazy WPM module allows HR to track all Work permit application process for Labourers and Expatriates.

    Example for Foreign Labourers : -

  • Levy Payment
  • VDR
  • Arrival
  • Fomema Test
  • VP (TE)
  • HR2eazy ensures a smooth flow of work with a system that propels performance, safety, and compliance.

E-self learning

HR2eazy Self Learning modules have 3 sub-modules which are Onboarding, Self-Learning & Orientation where new joiners have to complete a checklist by reading and acknowledging the employment handbook, organization hierarchy company introduction video, etc via HR2eazy portal. New staff joining process is seamless and reports are available to for both Orientation & Onboarding

organization view

Users are able to view their organization chart based on their reporting role and employees who report to the individual managers.

100+ Reports

Hr2eazy has 100+ reports for designated modules such as Human Resource, Leave & Permission Payroll, Finance, Attendance, Roaster, Timesheet, Travel Claims, Training, KPI & Job Objective, Overtime Planning, Inventory, Petty Cash, Manpower Planning, etc.

  • Reports available in HR2eazy help in many ways as all the reports are able to be exported in Excel or PDF format.
  • All our reports are customizable as we do customize reports based on client requirements if required.
  • HR2eazy Currently has Employee Lis Report & Payroll Report A where it allows user to Add and rearrange the fields that are required based on their current practice of report format.


From advanced tools to intuitive interfaces, we've got everything you need for a Complete HR Software

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