Booking Management

Everything you need to Manage your Staff's Bookings

With HR2eazy's Payroll Management System

Simplify and track the booking of company resources, facilities and assets in one HR system, Talk to us if you would like to manage your in-house company bookings more efficiently.

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Are you tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets, emails and phone calls

to manage your bookings?

  • With HR2eazy's innovative Booking Manageent System, say goodbye to the chaos and inefficiency. Simplify, automate your booking workflow and optimise your office resource allocation.

Centralised Booking Dashboard

  • Gain full visibility and control over all your company staff bookings in one centralised dashboard. Track bookings effortlessly and never miss a booking again.

Customisable Booking Forms

  • Tailor booking forms to your specific requirements with our easy-to-use customization tools.

Automated Reminders and Notifications:

  • Is your staff constantly forgeting

Part of Asset Management Integrated Workflows

  • One of four modules that make up the asset management workflow, from inventory management to expiry date reminders

Integration Capabilities

  • Seamlessly Integrate our booking management system with your existing tools and platforms.

Benefits of our Booking Management Module

    Enhanced Efficiency

  • Save time and effort with automated booking processes of company assets, facilities, equipment and more
  • Improved Employee Experience

  • Give your staff another reason to look forward to when going to the office
  • Improved Company Organisation

  • Facility bookings are more organised, and in the event something is damaged, easily look back into the record to see who's responsible


Easily manage multiple meeting rooms, company vehicles, and much more

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