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Exit Process Management
  • Every Human Resources staff knows how difficult is to hire a valuable employee, But, what about the exit of a valuable employee
So, what is an Exit Process in an organization?
  • When an employee resigns, retires or sent off from an organization, then there will be a lot of work required from the HR staff for the employee exit process associated with the company rules.
  • It's a time consuming job, and also many decisions have to be made by the organization to make things cleanly to end the relationship between the company and employee in a professional way.
  • But with the help of HR2eazy, You can take care of all this employee exit process in a single dashboard and also with error free makes it much easier method and with faster processing will save much time and work where you can take care of your company which matters the most.
Benefits of Using HR2eazy for Employee Exit Process
  • Remote/Paperless Exit
  • Easy Resignation Approvals
  • No Dues Department Clearances
  • Exit Interviews
  • Protect your assets
  • Prevent productivity drops
  • Email Alerts & notifications


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