User Management

Everything you need to Manage Your Staff Data

With HR2eazy's User Management System

User Management is one of the core modules that make up the system. Manage, view, edit, upload documents and more onto the profile of any employee, department or company subsidiary as you wish! Talk to us if you would like to manage your staff data more efficiently.

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User Administration

  • A central hub for all your employee data. User Administratinon is one of the main settings that makes HR2eazy such a flexible, customisable system.

Tools and Documents

  • Tool including but not limited HR intelligent dashboards, payroll helpers, staff ID card generator and more can be found in User Management.
  • Share documents at the click of a button and spend less time writing emails

Letter Generator

  • Have your very own personal letter generator when you subscribe to HR2eazy’s system!
  • Bonus letters, promotion letters, increment letters, offer letters, disciplinary action letters, resignation letters and more! Have the letters directed to your staff’s account with just a few clicks, and you won’t have to worry about creating your own letters.

Corporate and HR setup

  • The bread and butter of all staff information – who are your staff and where do they stand in the company?
  • Create and store your organizational chart for the entire organization to see!
  • Set the different locations your business operates in, and determine where each staff is assigned to, whether temporarily or permanently – you determine the time period.

Master Setting

  • Set up your roles and administration, privileges for the system, workflow administration, portal administration, company administration, notification/chat settings and more
  • Amongst many things, this is where you give privileges to the staff according to their role, department, or even unit.
  • For example, you want to give privileges to a boss so that he can track the attendance of his staff – you can do this so without letting his staff view the boss’s details!

Seamlessly Control Access Across Your Organization

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