Survey Management

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Gain employee insights and drive working environment improvement with the simple creation, distribution and analysis of survey to obtain valuable feedback. Would you like to integrate surveys into your HR system? Talk to us today!

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Intuitive Survey Builder

  • Create customised surveys tailored to your specific needs
  • Choose from a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scales and more.
  • Customise themes, layouts and branding to reflect your organisation's brand identity.

Real-Time Response Collection

  • Collect survey responses in real-time as they are submitted by respondents.
  • Monitor response rates and track completion status to gauge survey engagement and identify potential bottlenecks.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

  • Gain valuable insights from survey data through robust analytics and reporting features.
  • Visualize survey results with interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards.
  • Analyze response trends, identify patterns, and extract actionable insights to inform decision-making and strategy development.

Automated Feedback Management

  • Automate feedback management processes to streamline survey administration and response handling.
  • Set up automated notifications, alerts, and reminders to prompt respondents and survey administrators, ensuring timely action and follow-up.

Benefits of HR2eazy Survey Management System

    Improved Survey Efficiency

  • Streamline survey creation, distribution, and response collection processes to save time and resources. Eliminate manual tasks and administrative overhead associated with traditional survey methods.
  • Enhanced Data Quality

  • Ensure data accuracy, completeness, and consistency with standardized survey templates and automated response validation checks. Minimize errors and discrepancies to maintain high-quality survey data.
  • Actionable Insights

  • Transform survey data into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and strategic planning. Identify trends, patterns, and opportunities hidden within survey responses to drive organizational growth and performance.
  • Increased Stakeholder Engagement

  • Engage stakeholders effectively by soliciting their feedback and input through surveys. Demonstrate your commitment to listening to their needs and concerns, fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

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