Replacement Leave

Everything you need to Manage Replacement Leaves for your Staff

With HR2eazy's Replacement Leave Feature

Simplify the process of managing replacement leaves seamlessly using our tools that track and management replacement leave requests, ensuring smooth scheduling and coverage for absent employees. Talk to us if you would like to manage replacement leaves more efficiently.

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Easily Replace your Leave with the help of HR2eazy

Leave Replacement is a very difficult task Because of the complications and confusions when it's done in the old way. But with the help of HR management software, you can easily manage leave replacement in a single dashboard.

How replacement leave can be useful for our organization.

We need necessary human resources to complete every project. But we can't compel every employee to work full time or during public holidays and week-offs. Replacement leave module is a better alternative than finishing a delayed project.

With HR2eazy's easy to use system makes it very simple for Employees to apply replacement leave and claim the replaced leave whenever they want in a single dashboard at anytime.

Advantages of Replacement Leave with HR2eazy

  • Improve your Employee motivation and productivity
  • Minimizing Business outagesReplace your leave in Hours also
  • Replace your leave in Hours also
  • Insightful reports
  • On-behalf Entry - HR or Managers also can apply
  • Customizable Expiry date

As a owner of a company, You have to handle both your clients and your employees. But, you can't every time for your skilled employee to come back to work on every holidays, And Don’t let the project be delayed. Instead, Use HR2eazy's simple and effective leave replacement system and take care of your projects and employees equally.


Easily manage leave replacement in a single dashboard with the help of HR2eazy.

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