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HR2eazy-Merchantrade Asia Partnership

HR2eazy has formally partnered with Merchantrade Asia (Merchantrade) as a Digital Payments and Micro-insurance partner. We’ll share with you who Merchantrade is, and how will this partnership benefit Merchantrade-HR2eazy users? Read this page to find out what your business can gain from this partnership!

Who is Merchantrade?

Merchantrade is Malaysia’s Leading Non-Bank Financial Services Provider with a strong presence across the region and worldwide. Broadly catering to customer segments comprising foreign workers, Malaysians and the corporate sector, Merchantrade’s products and services serve to enrich the lives of individuals, families, and communities through the delivery of innovative, next-generation digital financial services.

Digital Salary Disbursements Using Merchantrade Money

One of these is its innovative multi-currency wallet mobile app, Merchantrade Money, which offers digital payment services online or in store with its Visa Prepaid Card. A popular service with employers is its digital wages solution. Staff salaries can be disbursed electronically via a secure portal directly into their eWallets. Today, more than 800 companies have disbursed up to RM250 million in salaries using Merchantrade's payroll services.

Merchantrade's EWallet VS Cash

No longer expensive for companies to manage payroll. Cash handling and cheque printing are no longer needed with Merchantrade Money.

Using the eWallet eliminates need for foreign workers to use illegal remittance services that can cause unnecessary questions by financial authorities and human right bodies

Full transparency and accountability when using eWallets for wage payments, as transfers are tracked in the app.

Zero transaction fee to conduct 24-hour salary disbursements to workers’ eWallet accounts

Affording Smarter Financial Protection With Merchantrade Insure

Another meaningful service on board the Merchantrade Money app is its Insurance feature. Offering micro-insurance products underwritten by MCIS Life, Merchantrade Insure Foreign Worker Insurance plan (SPIKPA) caters to lower-income and foreign worker customer segments with Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (FWHS), Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG), and Merchantrade Insure Xtra.


Branches & Agents

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Remittance

Business-to-Business (B2B) Remittance

International Money Transfer Business (IMTO)

Domestic Money Transfer Business (DMTO)

Regional investment in Remittance (Singapore)

Wholesale Banknotes

Retail Money Exchange

Acquiring Business :

Merchantrade Ozopay Payment Gateway

Merchantrade has subsidiaries offering MVNO Services :

International Air-Time Transfer

Digital Coupon

4 Ways the Merchantrade-HR2eazy Partnership Benefits its Users

The Merchantrade-HR2eazy partnership further complements HR2eazy's Human Resource Management System with Merchantrade's digital payments and micro-insurance businesses, so both its customers enjoy these valuable solutions as add-ons to the original HR2eazy package.

Foreign workers employed by HR2eazy's clients can open up an eWallet account with Merchantrade at a discounted rate, while Merchantrade’s clients shall enjoy HR2eazy's HR and Payroll solutions at a discounted rate.

HR2eazy clients can purchase insurance for their foreign workers affordably; benefiting both its staff and the organisation.

Merchantrade's clients can enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end, integrated HR and Payroll Solutions to help run their daily business operations.


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