Insurance Management

Everything you need to Manage your Company's Group Insurance Plans

With HR2eazy's Insurance Management System

Handle insurance matters efficiently and optimise coverage for employees.Partnered with Merchantrade, you can now integrate your insurance policies into the system. Talk to us if you wouldl ike to manage your group insurance plans more efficiently.

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Policy Management Dashboard

Access a centralised dashboard to view and manage all insurance policies in one place

  • Track policy details, premiums, coverage limits, and renewal dates with ease.

Various Coverage Options

Select from a number off insurance coverage options to meet your organisation's needs

  • Align your policies to your risk management strategy

Compliance and Reporting Tools

  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and industry standards using built-in compliance and reporting tools.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on premiums, claims, and insurance coverage to support audts and decision-making.

Policy Renewal Reminders

  • Get automated notifications and reminders for policy renewals
  • Ensure uninterrupted coverage and compliance with contractual obligations.

Benefits of our Insurance Management Feature

    Streamlined Operations

  • Simplify insurance policy administration and claims processing workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Visibility

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into your insurance portfolio, enabling better decision-making and risk management.
  • Faster Claims Settlement

  • Expedite claims settlement with automated claims processing workflows, reducing processing times and improving customer satisfaction.

Best Insurance Management Software in Malaysia

Seamlessly Handle Policies, Claims, and Customer Service

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