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ISCISTECH Group Diwali Gathering

Our parent company, ISCISTECH Business Solutions Sdn Bhd, a Diwali Gathering at the office HQ at the Vertical Business Suites, Bangsar South on the 17th of November, 2023 from 7.30PM to 10PM.

Beautiful Performances

The night witnessed a few wonderful solo and group performances. Theeban, HR2eazy Sales Executive and a rising star in the arts industry opened the ceremony with a beautiful solo song called Kadhaipoma, which came out from the famous movie “Oh My Kadavuley”.

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The next performance was a marvellous solo dance by Jeya, Boss’s executive, who danced ‘Bharata Natyam’ to the song Minsara Kanna. This dance also originated from a famous movie, Padaiyappa.

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The final performance of the night was a dance by a group that combined the finance team and the Boss’s secretary. The group consisted of Jeya (Boss’s secretary), and the four finance ladies of ISCISTECH – Rita, Uva, Kousalyah and Rubini, who entertained us with a dance accompanied by a combination of four songs! These songs are as follows: Karu Karu Karupayi; Lala Heart’u Nikkala; Private Party; and Soora Thengga.

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Rafafle Draws and Hampers!

Before the night started, during the registration process, everyone was given a number to put on their chest. This number served two purposes: one for the raffle draws, and another for the best dressed award contest (which we will talk about later). Throughout the night, between the performances, the dinner and other activities on our agenda, we invited the event VIPs onto the stage where they would help pick out a number from the pile, and announce the winner to everyone! There were a total of 5 lucky draw winners.

However, they weren’t the only winners that night. Everyone received a gift from the company - a carefully curated hamper that contained a beautiful piece of bowl-shaped ceramic with intricate patterns, and a box of traditional North Indian Sweets from Moghul Mahal that gave us an exotic, rich taste experience.

Delicious Food and Cake!

Of course, what’s a Diwali Party without our beloved Biryani! We had three types of biryani for the night – chicken, mutton and vegetarian biryani, as well as white rice from our favourite Biryani shop! There was also a number of side dishes like fried chicken, chilli chicken, ‘gobi manjurian’ and a couple more. If you weren’t hungry, the night served a variety of murukku and other snacks to fill your tummy.

For dessert, we had to wait all the way to the very end of our itinerary for the HR2eazy VX cake cutting ceremony! As you know, HR2eazy has recently soft-launched our very own recruitment and resourcing tool that automates the entire process, called HR2eazy VX. To commemorate the soft-launch, we got a delicious white chocolate macadamia cake that said “Good Luck HR2eazy VX”!

Finally, our Best Dressed Contest!

Once a year, we would have a best-dressed contest in the agenda of at least one event. Last year, we had it during our Malaysia Day Party. The year before, we had it during our Christmas Party. This year, we decided to have it during our Diwali Party! We did it a little bit differently this time. We decided to have separate winners for ladies and gents, so that we could have more winners!

We’d like to congratulate this year’s winner for the Men’s Best Dressed Award, Vinodh , who managed to defend his title from last year’s contest!

We would also like to congratulate the winner for the Women’s Best Dressed Award, Azaleana!


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