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How to Achieve a Perfect Payroll Record in 2024
Overview of the Payroll Process

Payroll processing is one the most important components in running a business. It includes several stages such time or attendance tracking, deductions, and compliance with government regulations. From the initial collection of employee data such as claims, leaves and work-hours (for shift staff) to the final disbursement of salaries, each step demands precision and adherence to legal standards as a simple mistake can harm the company significantly. For a more in-depth exploration on the overview of payroll process, we invite you to visit our blog

Problems Commonly Found in Traditional Payroll Processes :

Being such a big and tedious process, facing issues and challenges during the payroll proccess is inevitable when it is done manually without a system or a policy. Traditional payroll processes are done manually without a system or a policy, and usually lead to the following errors:

1. Risk of Human Error :

Relying on manual data entry for payroll calculations can lead to errors, inaccuracies, and a significant amount of time spent on routine task.

2. Compliance Challenges :

Keeping up with evolving tax regulations, employment laws and compliance requirements can be overwhelming and may result in penalties for non-compliance.

3. Data Security Risks :

Handling sensitive employee information poses security risk. It is crucial to ensure data privacy and protect against cyber threats.

4. Complexities of Benefits and Deductions :

Managing various employee benefits, deductions, and allowances adds complexity to the payroll process, making it prone to errors.

5. Time-Consuming Reconciliation :

Reconciling payroll data and cross-verifying employee hours, leaves, taxes and other variables and be highly time-consuming.

6. Lack of Integration :

Disconnected systems and lack of integration with HR or accounting software may hinder seamless payroll operations

7. Employee Satisfaction :

Payroll inaccuracies or delays can negatively impact employee morale and satisfaction, leading to decreased productivity and trust issues with the organisation

Even well-experienced payroll experts can encounter these problems at any time. That's why our payroll experts at HR2eazy have created an in-depth blog post on the "7 Common Problems with Traditional Payroll Processes", where we delve into each of these issues, providing comprehensive insights and practical solutions to streamline your payroll operations.

If you are facing any of the issues listed above in your payroll processing procedures, do not worry, we have the perfect solution for you. You’ve been doing your own payroll and things have been working out well. However, how do you turn just ‘well’ into great? How can you maximise your time by focusing all your energy into growing the company, instead of managing something so repetitive and time-consuming? Step into the future of payroll with payroll outsourcing.

The Future of Payroll: Outsourcing your Payroll to a Third Party in 2024

As listed above, one can face a great number and variety of issues when processing payroll, from all directions! So how exactly can payroll outsourcing solve all your issues?

Challenge Solution
1. Risk of Human Error Automation and Accuracy: Third party payroll processors typically use an advanced payroll software, eliminating any manual processes, reducing errors and ensuring accurate payroll calculations
2. Compliance Challenges Compliance Expertise: Professional payroll services providers stay updated with regulatory changes, ensuring ensuring compliance with tax laws, labor regulations, and statutory requirements.
3. Data Security Risks Enhanced Data Security: Third party payroll processors typically have a secured database, whether it is cloud or based at a centre. Outsourcing to reliable third parties ensures secure handling of sensitive employee data, reducing the risks of data breaches or security threats.
4. Complexities of Benefits and Deductions Efficient Benefit Management: Outsourced services manage various benefits and deductions efficiently, handling complexities to streamline the process and avoid discrepancies.
5. Time-Consuming Reconciliation Streamlined Reconciliation: Providers handle all reconciliation tasks, ensuring accurate and prompt verification of payroll data, minimizing time spent on these activities.
6. Lack of Integration Integration Capabilities: Outsourced payroll solutions often integrate seamlessly with other systems, like HR or accounting software, ensuring data consistency across the organization.
7. Employee Satisfaction Improved Employee Experience: Timely and accurate payroll processing enhances employee satisfaction, boosting morale, productivity, and trust in the organization.
Why you should Choose HR2eazy as Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Although the solutions listed above tackle the issues associated with payroll, they are the bare minimum for any third party payroll processor. When choosing your payroll outsourcing provider, it is crucial that you also consider other factors that make your service provider standout. HR2eazy’s unique attributes and features puts us above other payroll outsourcing parties, and here is why:

Payroll Experts Since 2016

HR2eazy’s payroll expertise in Malaysia have been buzzing since 2016. Our experts are HRD Corp Certified Trainers in the field of HR and Payroll. Our payroll software recently won the HR Vendor of the Year Awards Best Payroll Software.

We Have Our Own Developed Payroll Software

HR2eazy’s Human Resource Management System has a comprehensive Payroll module is integrated with other modules related to payroll such as leave, attendance, overtime and claims. The extensive Payroll Management Module covers all aspects of payroll including benefit management, payroll calculator and more.

Most Competitive Price in the Market

HR2eazy charges companies RM20/employee/month with a minimum fee of RM500/month for our payroll outsourcing services. From that RM20/head, companies not only do not have to worry about payroll tasks, they also have free access to HR2eazy’s full suite of HR and Payroll Software! Here’s what you’ll get from as low as RM500 per month, on top of covering the entire payroll procedure:

By choosing HR2eazy's Payroll Outsourcing Services, businesses can simplify their operations, achieve greater accuracy, and ensure compliance while utilising several other benefits that cannot be found with other payroll service providers. Contact our team today to explore how HR2eazy can help you achieve a perfect payroll record in 2024 – streamline your payroll processes and elevate your business to new heights today!

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