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There are diverse kinds of organizations working everywhere throughout Malaysia. To have normal functioning of the organization, it is required to have legitimate working, and it is necessary to have a consistent participation of staff individuals, so it is imperative to check the time worked with the help of online timesheet calculator by the representatives to decide their compensation. Many occupations nowadays depend on time which implies that the representative would be paid just for the time worked in the organization.


From our payroll hours calculator, describe the task needed for every individual employee and note down every function carried out by them on a daily basis. The time taken is carefully noted for perfect disbursement of salary. The timesheets can be altered until submission. Upon submission, the administrator can check for any discrepancies and then approve or deny the request.

We formulate every business working hours performed by your employee. Extra hours and early permissions are added to the timesheet for accurate processing of payrolls. It also includes claims which can be approved or rejected by the administrator.

The timesheet holds the record of every year since the beginning of the organization. See the work which was done by the employees’ on a weekly basis or daily basis to get a clear picture of your employees’ performance.

Create customized tasks for your fellow employees’ by giving different names for a systematic workflow and note down all the performances of your employees’.

Many employees’ work from home for productivity. There are many organizations which are working with representatives who are working on the web from their homes. For these cases, employees’ can mark their timesheets and send it to their administrator for approval.

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