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Roster your team in minutes with Malaysia’s leading employee scheduling software

Our HR2eazy is Packed with powerful scheduling and management features which makes it easy for you to handles all your employee rosters and scheduling needs.

  • Reduce labor/wage costs
  • Spend less time creating and publishing rosters
  • Eliminate human error
  • Roster by skillset
  • Cover leave & unavailability

What is Roster Management?

Roster or Shift Management refers to managing Multiple employees in an organization with Multiple Branches. Where Employees have different working hours based on the shift they are in.

Why is it useful?

In organizations that provide services in different time zones, a shift management system helps managers to assign employees to multiple shifts, automates shift rotations and also sends out timely communication to the employees and managers regarding their shifts.


Benefits of Using our HR2eazy Rostering Software


Manage your employees from Anywhere and Anytime

Are you in office or in vacation or in your home due to Covid? Don't worry! HR2eazy Rostering software is with you wherever you need it. You can get easy access to your Roster dashboard directly from your browser or with our Easy to use Application.

Create, Schedule, Assign Individual & Multiple Employees Shifts at once, edit your teams roster on the go and Also, Get easy access to your Roster dashboard directly from your browser or with our Easy to use Applications.

Easy to use drag & drop feature

Wrongly scheduling roster can make ur managers work harder and also can increase the error of placing a same person in two places, which will cause either staff shortages or over-staffing. To avoid this Problem, Our HR2eazy Roster Management Software as Increased higly on our UI and easy to use features.

With our Easy to use drag & drop feature you can easily create and edit rosters effortlessly, And also New shifts can be dragged & dropped from existing rosters or from ur employee list directly to the shops.


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Sectors Our HR2eazy's Employee Roster Management System can be Very Helpful


We have the answers.

Rostering software is a tool for businesses to plan and communicate shifts with employees. RosterElf’s scheduling software also offers features such as employee availability management, digital time and attendance, and payroll integration to popular accounting software services.

With electronic devices such as tablets and mobile, employees can record attendance at work. Clock in, break times and clock-out times can all be digitally captured and stored eliminating the need for manual paper time-sheets.

An employee roster is a schedule that shows the days and times employees are required to work. An employer will publish an employee. once staff have been scheduled according to their position, availability, day, and location. Reliable employee rosters help improve employee engagement and company morale.

Our scheduling software experts are available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat. Feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions.


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