Petty Cash Management and Expenditure


In large organizations, apart from the vast sum they have in the bank, there would be some cash kept close by for making little purchases which are called as petty cash.

With HR2eazy’s petty cash management software, know how much money has been utilized for company purposes. It gives an electronic and controlled means for overseeing insignificant money accounts and diminishes the hazard related to these assets.

It offers traditional formats to guarantee that petty cash funds are monitored reliably over the organization. It additionally gives a concentrated vault for storing all documentation related to petty cash accounts and takes into consideration a simple review of these records by internal auditors. You can find the following segments in this module:

Request Petty Cash

Where an employee of the firm can ask for petty cash for small payments relating to the organization. Both the money and the reason for payment are noted so that you do not lose track on what you’ve spent.

Debit Petty Cash

All the money added to the petty cash safe are stored and can be seen over here.

Petty Cash Dashboard

Note down every transaction made in small numbers. This dashboard allows you to see the money asked for and also the money debited for the firm's purposes.

Expenditure Chart

Every expenditure made is filled in this unique dashboard to see how much cash is spent on what. Every claim made is noted and is sent for approval like any other module.

At the point when an instance of fraudulent utilization of assets is distinguished, the petty cash expenditure software tool automates the work process procedure to guarantee that extra inside controls are sanctioned. Such restrictions are essential to keep any further misrepresentation from happening.

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