Employee Payroll Management System

Creating payrolls has never been easier, with a single click, control your payrolls and other materials and instantly generate bank files for online upload and salary transfer with the payroll management system. We concentrate on your payrolls so that you have the extra edge to focus on your companies’ development. Even last minute adjustments added to the payments like overpay, leaves, etc. are added to the payroll design so there is no loss or excess of money which would be reached out to the employee.

Creating payrolls is the most integral part of our operation since even a wrong payslip would cost us a lot. With the payroll salary software, you can generate payslips through automation, reverse the payslip transaction, manually upload payslips if they do not get uploaded automatically and also see the payments made for the month.

Employers would now be able to see the summary of monthly payrolls, see their monthly payslips, employee financial information, claims, incentives and also extra time payments. Set the payrolls for the fiscal year, create payroll types, customized payrolls for immigrants and also leave reimbursement with our employee payroll management software.


Monthly Payroll Summary

Here you can view the whole picture of all the payrolls created for your entire organization by just selecting the month and the year.

Employee Monthly Payslip

See all the payslips created for all the employees’ and view their status of their payslips. By just entering the Identification number of the candidate, be able to print their payslips and also mention the date of credit needed for future transactions.

Reverse Payrolls

By making some manual errors, sometimes a wrong transaction to a wrong employee can take place. Be able to reverse their payrolls to avoid any discrepancies with the employee. Incentive/Extra Time Payment Summary.

Incentive/Extra Time Payment Summary

Here you can see the summary of every employees’ extra time that has been utilized for the organization. With our HR2eazy software, analyze this crucial information which would leave no employee left with fewer payments.

Manual Payslip Upload

The required payslip might not be uploaded sometimes, or there is a possibility of errors to happen on the created payslip. To avoid this, be able to upload payslips manually to avoid any hassles.

Extra time, Claims

Be able to make salary changes by adding the extra time and also be able to accept claims regarding the same. By combining all the time put in, make accurate payslips to make your employee satisfied.

Make accurate Deductions and compensations

Every payslip generated is automatically given for any monthly deductions like income tax, provident funds, SOCSO, monthly bank advice and EA forms. Since all the above from time to time, we along with the government get the data and incorporate with the employee to achieve the perfect salary to avoid any penalties or any other discrepancies.

When it comes to compensation, you can add extra incentives, other exclusive benefits, special compensation benefits, non-cash benefits and also give away different other benefits to your most deserved employee. Be able to export data to PDF and DOCX. A format for easy perusal of data.

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