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Income Tax Calculator


  • There are specific norms for payroll and taxation in Malaysia, depending upon whether your company employs foreign nationals or local employees. The most important concerns for a company that needs to comply with tax laws in Malaysia are the income tax for employees, social security (SOCSO), provident funds (EPF), EIS, HRDF, KWSP, and Zakat payments and other respective payments.
  • By manually uploading the data, there are chances for wrong tax filings. This would attract fines and other penalties. The tax regulations change from time to time based on the fluctuating values of the Malaysian market. Because of this, there is a need for constant upgradation of tax laws in compliance with your company payments.
  • We at HR2eazy continually monitor the changing market trends, and with automation, we make the payments for you with high accuracy. With all this, your company can concentrate on developing other core areas of the company when we do help you with every payroll fitting the perfect shoe.
Simplified Income Tax Decisions
  • Handling taxes for any company is very complicated.
  • Since every employee is different when it comes to whether they are tax exempted or not, we have it completely figured out by giving out limited options to choose from, so you never commit to any mistake during the filing.
  • Some companies also pay their taxes as fixed or as a percentage scale based on the specific salary range. We provide you with one-click tools which would allow your company to make the best out of automatic deductions.
  • We take care of your income tax numbers and prepare the entire form for you. You could directly send the income tax forms to the government just by uploading the file.
Carefully Auto Filled Forms
  • We know how filling forms are very complicated, especially government forms. So with automation, the complete form is filled and ready for submission. You would be able to download and send the forms to the concerned department during every.
  • The Payroll Centralization Process allows you to store and keep up all the employee details in a central database and gives a lovely interface to see your worker's data.
Make Simplified Bank Transactions
  • Send Bank Advice to banks just with the bank account number and the salary of the employee.
  • View and download forms like EA, EA II, EPF, SOCSO, PCB II, INCOME TAX FORMS, Monthly Tax Advice, and much more for employers and employees anytime and anywhere.
SOCSO, Zakat Payments, LHDN, and HRDF
  • Now you can make even large payments just by clicking on the payments as fixed or a percentage. In this way, you would never get confused about paying the wrong deductions.
  • You also do have simplified options that allow you to choose whether the payments apply to the employees or not. More than this, if your deductions are fixed for every employee, just by clicking on the Default option, your entire company's payments would be disbursed to every existing employee without any hassles.
  • Even tax and other deductions can be relieved from individual employees' due to other reasons like senior citizens and much more. Our radio buttons are unique, giving you fewer but comprehensive options to choose from like taxable or not.
  • In the past, there was a necessity for experts like Chartered Accountants and Human Resource Experts to control tax and other deductions in the payroll department.
  • With HR2eazy, even entrepreneurs and others who are unaware of the taxation system would be able to take care of the entire organization and still be in the right direction. This would save a lot on your company's functioning costs and allows you to focus much on improving your business.


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