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When you can fly, why walk?
Why work on the numbers, when we can take care of them for you.
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To run businesses, hard work and smart work are what is required. By outsourcing your payroll information, sit on the driver’s seat when we share the burden of creating your payrolls.
Let us breakdown by giving more reasons to choose us.
  • Get personalized services by choosing from our various modules.
  • Get all the available government forms from one stop shop for all your needs.
  • Be able to view your employee's performance with KPI charts.
  • Generate payrolls by a stroke of touch.
  • Allow employees to download their payslips and other functions on their own.
  • Impeccable deductions from EIS, LHDN, KWSP, SOCSO, HRDF, and Zakat to avoid discrepancies and penalties through sheer automation.
By choosing HR2eazy, you not only get to choose motivating results, but also a well-constructed framework. When it comes to features, how good would be a software which only helps with what you require?
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Our Pricing
Mini Free
HR2eazy Newsletter   Secured HTTPS Site
HR2eazy Newsletter   Hosted on Google Secured Cloud
HR2eazy Newsletter   Apply Leave & Public Holidays
HR2eazy Newsletter   Employee Registration & Generate Payroll
Mini Basic
RM100Per Month
HR2eazy Newsletter   Apply Claim / Extra time / Allowance
HR2eazy Newsletter   Download EA Form
HR2eazy Newsletter   Monthly Payroll Summary Reports
HR2eazy Newsletter   Approval Process / Reports
Mini Professional
RM200Per Month
HR2eazy Newsletter   KWSP / LHDN / Forms E Download
HR2eazy Newsletter   Bank Advice / Download
HR2eazy Newsletter   Attendance Integration with Biometric Device
HR2eazy Newsletter   Daily Pay Calculations
RM10Per User
HR2eazy Newsletter   User & Leave Management
HR2eazy Newsletter   Training & Recruitment Management
HR2eazy Newsletter   Petty Cash Management
HR2eazy Newsletter   Inventory Management / Reporting
Why Choose
Since we know what your organization needs, delivering more than that would only ring a bell in your heart.
HR2eazy Newsletter
From recruitment to retirement, we handle all your human resource needs.
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HR2eazy Newsletter HR2eazy Newsletter
HR2eazy Newsletter HR2eazy Newsletter HR2eazy Newsletter
To know more about our products and services, contact us to enter a world of hassle-free payroll creation.
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