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A comprehensive HR and Payroll Software
Is your HR and Payroll system providing features for holistic management of your HR and Payroll processes? Is your employees able to proactively and digitally access and communicated to you from anywhere and anytime?
HR2eazy contains all that is required to build a perfect HR and Payroll practice in your organization while giving a world class outlook to your employees...
HR and Payroll Software
Apart from standard features of any HR system such as employee database, leave management, attendance management, public holidays and payroll processing, HR2eazy improves the productivity of your business with more advance functionalities : -
  • 24*7 accessibility via iOS and Android Apps
  • Apply and Approve claim, extra time and etc. from your Mobile Apps
  • Downloading and submission of EPF, Income Tax and SOCSO digitally
  • Integrate with your attendance system and track attendance digitally
  • Kiosk application to cater for your factory
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Greater Productivity and Employees Satisfaction
The services available with HR2eazy have been refined to ensure greater productivity and higher employee satisfaction.
HR and Payroll Software

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