Manager Dashboard


A Single place to Manage and Maintain your complete team.

Manager’s online dashboard view

Simple Online Manager Dashboard

Our Manager Dashboard is extremely user- friendly, Smart & Powerful manager dashboard tool where you can view, manage and maintain your complete team in a single place.
Common Manager Dashboard
  • leave
  • Leave Balance
  • Permission/ Time Off
  • Overtime
  • Replacement Leave
  • Claim
  • Training
  • Attendance
  • Travel Claim
  • Timesheet
  • and much more

Benefits of Using our HR2eazy Manager Dashboard

With the help of our Manager Dashboard you can easily share insights with lower-level executives in a very effective way, and you can easily improve your teams performance to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information.

Easy Team Management

Manage your Complete team in one place. No more miscommunication, Easy approvals, Get all the right information at the right place and time.

Improved Focus

With a single place to manage your team, you can easily focus only on the main date of your team. This ensures

Centralised Information

you can be always aware of who is on leave, who is travelling on business and contact information of your entire team. This means no more hunting for emails and more time getting work done.


BEST Manager Dashboard

A Single place to Manage and Maintain your complete team.

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