Monthly Income Tax Calculator Malaysia


There are generally many deductions in the Malaysian income tax calculator. Every employee gets paid only after all the deductions are satisfied by the government. To avoid any discrepancies, every calculation must be made highly accurate to avoid any penalties. So, for any organization to prevent mistakes, we also help guide you to pay your taxes.


Just by entering the organization ID, LHDN is deducted monthly for paying government taxes. We make sure we do take a close look along with the government to make changes along with changing tax trends.


To pay for the development of the human resources, at first the country is checked for, and the contribution is tested for, concerning fixed or a percentage. Later, by choosing the age range and the salary grade, calculate the amount which needs to be added to the development.


The SOCSO payment is based on whether the employee is from Malaysia or an immigrant. After choosing this option, select whether the amount to be deducted as fixed or a percentage. Later decide the range of salary and age to pick the right contribution and then choose whether the candidate is tax relieved or whether the employee is taxable and in the final stage, the amount is deducted.


Every employee pays a portion of their salary for their provident fund. Choose the month and the year for selecting the deduction required after computing the wage. The statement can be downloaded for future purposes.

ZAKAT Calculation

After selecting the Organization along with the employees’ name and ID, choose the desired Zakat after calculating regarding the employees’ earnings for automatic deductions.


By selecting the employee whether they are a Malaysian citizen or not, change the portions need to be added to the insurance and also make sure of the age range and also choose from which the desired candidate is exempted from tax or not.

Not only this, there are various other government forms like EA, PCB II, pension forms, and monthly bank advice. Automated payment saves you the time from unwanted calculations and also relieve you from errors.

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