Online Leave Management

Online Leave Management: Leave management software is a single leave administration and attendance management software that incorporates these two basic HR tasks. It cleverly adjusts to your arrangement and enables workers and their directors to deal with their leaves. It denotes their attendance with no additional favors from HR. Each company faces hindrances as a result of a planned or unscheduled leave of employees.

It can affect the profitability of an organization adversely. Here having an appropriate worker attendance management system will work wonders in amplifying the participation of the representative and also upgrade its performance. With the system uploaded to the cloud, every information regarding leaves are updated.

Leave Transactions

Leave and participation administration framework guarantees with its intense that representatives never again need to pursue their leave demands. It diminishes the duty of HR as now they do not need to catch up with individuals to accommodate their leave requests. Legitimately, it likewise incorporates with all other leave module making a consistent worker lifecycle administration framework.

This module consists of the following critical segments like Extra Time, Other Permissions, Apply Leave, Cancel Leave, Leave summary, Leave reimbursement, etc. These are all the required leave transactions required for any organization.


Apply Leave

Allow employees’ to apply for leave on their own. This allows you to monitor the whole picture of your subordinates leaves transactions for the month. Also be able to track their leave.

records to analyze their leave patterns for a better understanding of improving the workflow.Also, know the reason for the leave taken and also be able to view and download the documents supporting the cause of their leave.

Cancel Leave

Sometimes, the reason for taking leave might not happen. Allow your employees’ also to cancel leave on their own, so that you do not need to call them or reach them for particular reasons.

Approve/Reject Leave Requests

Have complete control over your employees’ leave schedule. Be able to approve or reject their requests for a seamless flow of the organization and also be able to see their leave balances for the month or the year.

Leave Summary

A complete summary of their leaves taken can be seen in our leave dashboard. This allows you to see their leave is made and also their supporting documents for the same.

Leave Reimbursements

Reimburse your employees’ with leave encashment and also have a track for special payments made for reimbursements.

Special Permissions

Sometimes only a few hours are required by employees’ to take care of their personal duties. Be able to approve/ reject their permissions and also this detail is added to the timesheet to have a better view of how many hours your employee has placed for the month and even for creating accurate payrolls based on the hours put in by them.


Extra Time

Every employee has to work extra-time to complete their unfinished work. Analyze this through our timesheet to calculate the additional hours which have been done by the candidate and also be able to figure the extra salary which needs to be debited to the employees’ account.

Attendance Integration

Since the technology age is booming, there are different devices to manage attendances like biometric systems, swipe machines, etc. Be able to integrate all the information onto the HR2eazy software to avoid marking attendance manually onto the software every time.

Leave programming systems are adjusted by an organization's strategies, and these are naturally connected to leave computations. In this manner, neither a supervisor nor a representative can bypass these standards. It likewise prevents partiality for the benefit of the administrators when they favor or reject leave demands.

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