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The primary role of an HR analytics software is to diagnose the complete working of the company. It has turned into an overexposed, over-built up, and cliched statement that analytics is the next enormous thing. Every other industry reports concentrate on the gigantic wave that examination is going to acquire the business world. There are new businesses that are propelling every day in Malaysia as of late to exploit the enormous information wave. A lot of analytics, indeed!

Analyzing your companies’ data could take hours put together. What we do is break the analysis so that you can get better light in understanding the work structure of the organization. Get in-depth reports like timesheet report, attendance report, KPI report, a whole list of employees’ and their performances as a team or as an individual, payroll details, training reports, etc.

Have a whole light on your companies’ performance and also calculate the value for the employee hired in your organization. The HR analytics tool empowers associations to expand the estimation of HRMS usage by separating key HR metrics-related information for use with different business intelligence platforms.

In-depth Analytics makes it simple to follow up on your information. With our pre-arranged dashboards and reports, you can undoubtedly envision key execution markers, recognize vital patterns and track HR measurements against targets.

HR2eazy also incorporates preloaded outlines, giving your HR group a 360-degree perspective of your workforce. Find solutions rapidly, see what zones require your consideration and begin settling on information-driven choices that will advance the execution of your association. Pre-arranged dashboards are all preloaded and need insignificant setup and design so you can get up and be fleeing.

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