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HR2eazy is a single dynamic system that would be able to cater for all types of industry in managing the employees’ in their organization and it provides a self-service system for them in applying, and requesting, submitting and reviewing their documents or task in a well-managed web-based application. This helps employees’ who work out of the office in informing the management of their current task, location, and status.

The desktop payroll software has features to accept or deny permissions from the employees, the management would be able to view all the forms of employees’ in a single dashboard. The software keeps track of performance, attendance, leave taken and other features which can be used for future purposes.

The software was created keeping every type of business in mind. From small restaurants to big factories, the software can be modified and altered to suit your requirements. The customizations will be well read to understand the need and the modules would be created based on the organization's guidelines for better planning and management.

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