Centralized System


Every organization needs to have a collaborative effort to run it seamlessly. Only when there is a transparent system, this is possible. Keeping track of your employee's information can never be more comfortable. We provide you a powerful searching capability. So you can search employee by employee code of name or use more advanced search to find all employee who reports a to a particular manager and from a specific department. The centralized payroll system lets the employer know and enables the employee to understand what is going on with the organization, their targets and the workflow to be followed for the month.

With HR2eazy, employees can audit their particular business data and furthermore refresh their fundamental information specifically into the service, along these lines diminishing the administrative burden altogether. The administration likewise incorporates digitalized work contracts and sending electronic payslips. What's more, there are valuable faculty reports accessible for the organization, e.g., for the workforce financial statement.

All the fund related records like payslip, money exchange, petty cash transfer and so on can be saved in a separate database with the goal that you don't want to look and get confused on knowing which cash went where.

The Payroll Centralization Process allows you to store and keep up all the employee details in a central database and gives a lovely interface to see your workers data. It indicates just the data you have filled in; there is no messiness with unfilled information. You can directly include more data when it is available to you.

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