Advantages of using HR2eazy Timesheet

HR2eazy Timesheet is an advanced Time Tracking System, which can be accessed via Web or Mobile Apps. HR2eazy Timesheet module gives the organization.
⦁ Reliability
⦁ Accurate time reporting
⦁ Accurate overtime calculations
⦁ User friendly
⦁ The backing of data and easy storage
⦁ Accountability
⦁ Secured Access
HR2eazy Timesheet

HR2eazy provides a complete feature to Business Owners or Managers that overseeing the business operations and increases productivity, improves accountability and reduces errors.

HR2eazy Timesheet features include:

⦁ Configure Task by Client and Project ( Customizable)
⦁ Insert Time for Projects and Task
⦁ Insert Overtime and Project progress (%)
⦁ Automatically Calculate Cost of Resources By Project
⦁ Detect variance between planned and actual Time and Cost
⦁ Auto Moved Overtime from Timesheet into Payroll upon Approval
⦁ Counter Verification with Attendance Record
⦁ Dashboard and Reports

Benefits for the Owner on Adapting HR2eazy:

HR2eazy is designed to work across the organization regardless of the size and enterprise. At the same time Allows Customizable timesheet to ensure the right process and easy adaption into your organization’s existing practice.

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