Top 5 Major HR Trends predicted for 2019: Where is the HR industry heading to, this New Year?

The digital revolution is shaking every nook and cranny of the orb. It has changed the way we have looked into our lives all these days. Right from waking up to the digital alarm calls from smartphones after multiple snoozes in the mornings, ordering food, taking a ride, hiring a plumber, consulting a doctor, selling a used item… everything has been digitalized. Just like how impactful this digital storm has been in our lifestyles, it’s also now being influential in determining the business climate.

Yes, businesses are changing. They are adapting to the changing norms of the modern digital times. The core of any business is its human resources. Corporates are tending to become more and more employee-friendly these days as it has never been before in the history. In fact, they are bound to be so. Choiceless!

The digital revolution (yes! this definitely IS a revolution) has empowered the workforces with massive potential to stand for their rights at workplaces. In this article, you will take a walk through the HR trends and innovations, the industry is likely to encounter in the ensuing days of 2019.       



Here’s a list of 5 of the major HR trends and Innovations for the year of 2019:


  • Enhancing Employees Engagement Effectively & Efficiently:The best way to emotionally connect to an employee at his workplace is employees engagement. When done right, these activities can increase the employees’ emotional connection, involvement, and commitment to the organization. This is a way of valuing the employees and thereby enhancing their performance, productivity, and retention by appreciating their enthusiasm and dedication for work and co-workers.
  • Say hello to ‘Corporate Wellness’:

These days, modern age businesses are prepared to focus on workplace wellness also known as ‘Corporate Wellness’.

This involves launching health promotion programs and conducting awareness activities as enforced in the organizational policies with an aim of improving health outcomes and reducing behaviors that may be considered as risk factors for poor health.

Apart from the physical well-being, companies are here to focus on mental health also to offer their employees a stress-free and peaceful work environment.

  • Empowering People with adequate training:It is predicted that soft skills development training especially on how to fight back sexual harassment at workplaces will witness an increase of 15% in the upcoming year.

Any unwelcome sexual gestures, advances, requests for sexual favors, or other physical/verbal misconduct can be escalated and complained about anonymously with the help of technology-powered reporting system. This initiative is expected to decrease the sexual offenses within the office premises and the figure is likely to slash down by more than 50%.

Besides this training to fight back sexual harassment, it is forecasted that companies are willing to invest in training their resources on different competencies based on their work profiles, to equip them to engineer the different technical skills required.

  • Overcoming Unconscious Discrimination using Blind Hiring Technology:Bias may be implicit, or sometimes, unconscious and unintentional. It’s the responsibility of the HR personnel to eradicate discrimination in any form, say caste, creed, community, color, race, religion or language.

Blind Hiring refers to the methodology used in the sourcing process, where personal identifiers disclosing any of the above-listed bias parameters are hidden and replaced with neutralizers like duplicate numbers or other generic pseudonyms and hiring is done purely based on the merit basis.  

  • Artificial Intelligence powered Human Resources ManagementRight from the interviews to the offboarding, Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the employees’ experiences throughout their workplace-lifecycle. AI can help businesses can treat their candidates and employees like their loyal customers with the help of AI. The company culture can be tremendously enhanced and attrition rate can be slashed down to almost nil, by Improving the employee experience within the work premises.

AI warrants machine learning to use data to discover, learn, identify patterns, and decide wisely. These tools replace the amount of manpower required to perform a job. Not just that, AI can do the same work quickly and more effectively also with increased response time and access to information.

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