How can HR professionals empower work health? A simple guide to Occupational Health & Safety at the Workplace.

It is said that on an average, a person spends 90000 hours at work that roughly counts to 1/3 of one’s lifetime – which is more than the time he spends at home. Such being the fact, it’s time for us to question ourselves if we are sensitive to the grievances a person faces at work.

In the industrial ages, the term ‘Occupational Health & Safety’ used to refer the technical havocs and physical hazards. In the modern information ages, the same term interprets to a different meaning.

The Human Resource professionals have got a pivotal role in building a work environment that is safe, healthy and home-like.

Below are a few tips for the HRs to help make your firm a place where people feel safe about stepping in:

1. Be a listening person(nel)

Everybody wants to be cool. Apparently, nobody likes cold people. Be a friendly HR, who is warm and also spreads warmth. Your gesture should be welcoming for the employees who want to escalate a grievance. Your easy-to-approach nature only helps foster open communication on the floor, which is the key to a healthy and safe workplace

2. Have a grievance redressal mechanism

Not all the employees choose to open up and say it upright. Adopt a mechanism where employees can choose to post their grievances, safety concerns, recommendations, suggestions or complaints anonymously.

3. Make Women feel safe

It would be inappropriate if you are missing out ‘women welfare’ while talking about a positive work culture. As for HRs, you really need to go extra miles to ensure your workplace respects women, treats women with humility, gives attention to their special needs and leaves no stone unturned to offer women a safe place to work. After all, that’s not a luxury to ask for.

4. Being posh isn’t enough – Enforce POSH

Harassment in any form is against human rights and needs to be condemned and punished severely. It is more important to prevent your employees from becoming a victim of this harassment. Having a system in place like POSH committee (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) might help make the predators think twice before doing a crime.

5. Be a “Human” Resource Professional – Not an “Employees Data Keeper”

This is the place where most of the HR professionals fail. There is a thin line between being an HR personnel and just data-keeping the resource details. Most the times, HRs are lost in trivial tasks like payroll, attendance, salary database and stuff like these, which a simple software can help do. There is a lot more than deserves human intervention and it’s high time HR personnel learns to do it right.

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