HR2eazy Portal

HR2eazy is single dynamic system that is able to cater for all types of industry in managing the employees in their organization, it provides a self-service system for employees in applying, and requesting, submitting and reviewing their documents or task in a well-managed web based application. This helps employees that work out of the office in informing the management on their current task, location and status.

The system also has a back end process for the management to approve or disapprove the submission from the employees, management can easily upload relevant information and documents for the viewing and receiving of orders and task by individual employee. The system can also keep track of all action and inputs from the employee and management by generating reports that can be used for future planning and as an assessment by the management for new initiative and guidelines.

Even though the system uses industries best practices in employee resource planning, it is still a customizable application that can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of an individual organization. Customization will be well studied in order to give the client the best features and modules based on guidelines and our know how on corporate planning and management.